CJW1 Inteuigent Frame-Type-Universal Breaker
CJW2 Inteuigent Frame-Type-Universal Breaker
CJM1 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
CJQ2 Dual Power Automatic Tranfer Switch
DW17 Conventional Circuit-Breaker
DW15 Conventional Circuit-Breaker
Surge Protector
Soft Start Series
DW16 Series Air Circuit Breaker
Outdoor Circuit Breaker
Indoor Circuit Breakers
load switch
High Voltage Switchgear Series
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CJN63G-24 Plateau-type indoor HV vacuum circuit breaker
CJN73-12 Permanent indoor vacuum circuit breaker
CJS1(VBM7)-12 Side-mounted indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker
ZN12-12 [ZN68-12] series indoor high voltage
CJN85-40.5/2000-31.5 Indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker
CJN23-40.5 Indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker type / fixed
CJN1-12、CJN2-12 Kay mounted withdrawable series and remove the type series Handcart Handcart
CJN28-12 series indoor Vacuum breaker
CJS1(CJN63A-12) Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
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